Private Video Sharing Platform

Entertain and Train People while Protecting their Values and Moral Codes

Experience video sharing like never before on our exclusive private video sharing platform. In a world where online privacy is paramount, Hooking Software have crafted a system and a space where you have complete control over who sees your videos. 

Whether your customers are content creators looking to share your creations with a select audience or a community seeking a secure platform to share memories, experiences or learning material, our private video sharing platform is the answer as it is fully owned by you.

With customised branding, advanced privacy settings, and full control on the systems and the data, you can choose to keep your videos visible only to your organisation, ensuring the full privacy of your content, messages and values. 

Use our platform today and discover a new era of video sharing that prioritises your security and privacy.


  • Say goodbye to the limitations of public video sharing and embrace the intimacy of our private video sharing platform. 
  • Quality over quantity is our mantra, and we provide a space where you can share videos without the noise and distractions of mainstream platforms. 
  • Allow your communities to share videos of their most significant moments, educational content, or creative endeavours with confidence, knowing that your videos are safeguarded from unwanted eyes. 
  • With customizable privacy controls, you dictate who has access to your videos, making it the perfect platform for individuals, businesses, or organisations that value privacy and exclusive content sharing. 
  • Achieve efficient monitoring with the platform’s dedicated AI continuously trained on the content that is injected.


Elevate your video sharing experience today with your own private platform that represents your values, your brand and most importantly your moral stance.

Powerful Management and monitoring capabilities

Manage your site content, users, videos, settings, and design your website also from our full management control panel. Add R/T AI-enhanced tailored monitoring capabilities

highest quality standards

Simply, all kind of videos are supported! With our powerful ffmpeg system you can upload all type of videos. Plus the system will automatically generate qualities up to 4K.

Mobile First

“Mobile First” and fully responsive web interface for on-the-go utilization

Customized branding

Maintain total control over your community's look and feel, easily adding your own logo, colors & layout

Audio/Video Calls

Easily add video/audio communication capabilities

Live Streaming option

The system supports Live Streaming and more advanced real-time features.

Privacy first

Our product guarantees privacy for the users and their data along with self download/delete account options.

Data Ownership

Data is fully protected and content entirely owned by you and your users. Data sits on your dedicated hardware and is fully encrypted

Powerful Admin Panel

Intuitive administrative features provide an easy-to-use content management system for updating web content, moderating posts, enhancing visual attributes and analyzing community engagement and analytics.

Earn More Money

Monetize your site with various subscription plans, selling videos, user ads or display ads in your site to earn money.

All Payment Methods Supported

Your users can pay using Bitcoin, PayPal, Local Bank, Credit Cards, and by Mobile.

Easy To Edit And Extend

Edit the code or extend it anytime to add more features or edit current feature.

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