Social Network

Connect People and Protect them from Divergent Influences and Predators

Discover a new way to connect and engage with like-minded individuals on our exclusive private social platform. 

At Hooking Software, we understand the importance of privacy and personal connections in today's digital world. That's why our platform offers a safe and secure environment where you can share your thoughts, passions, and experiences with a select group of friends, family, or colleagues. 

Whether you're looking to foster deeper connections or discuss shared interests, our private social platform provides the ideal space for meaningful interactions. 

Purchase our turn-on-key social platform and offer your users a more intimate and authentic social networking experience.

  • Say goodbye to the noise and distractions of mainstream social media and embrace a more tailored online community with your private social platform.
  • Prioritise quality over quantity
  • Share photos, stories, and updates with confidence, knowing that your content is only visible to you and to your users without 3rd party interference 
  • Control your communities with advanced privacy controls and customizable settings. 
  • Discover the full value of a private social platform that's designed to adapt social experience to the DNA of your community, while safeguarding privacy and fostering genuine connections.

Elevate the level of social networking experience for your populations today with your own private platform that represents your values, your brand and most importantly your moral stance.

Quick and Simple

100% white label with total control over your community's look and feel.

Lightening Fast

One of the most important factors of a growing social network is its ability to scale

Mobile First

“Mobile First” and fully responsive.

Privacy first

Our product guarantees privacy for the users along with self download/delete account options.

Custom Tailored

Build by "Modular" Architecture, allow the system administrators to decide which module is on and which is off.

Powerful Admin Panel

Intuitive administrative features provide an easy-to-use content management system for updating web content, moderating posts, enhancing visual attributes and analyzing community engagement and analytics.


Maintain total control over your community's look and feel, easily adding your own logo, colors & layout

Audio/Video Calls

Easily add video content for sharing and streaming purposes

Live Streaming option

The system supports Live Streaming and more advanced real-time features.

Pro Subscriptions

Monetize your community through subscription and membership billing plans, offering paid-only access.

All Payment Methods Supported

Your users can pay using Bitcoin, PayPal, Local Bank, Credit Cards, and by Mobile.

Easy To Edit And Extend

Edit the code or extend it anytime to add more features or edit current features.

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